• What to do if you have hemorrhoids?

    What to do if you have hemorrhoids?

    Apr 30, 2024
    Nine out of ten people have haemorrhoids. This is an interesting proverb that describes the prevalence of haemorrhoids. Haemorrhoids can be divided into external, internal and mixed haemorrhoids. In Chinese medicine, haemorrhoids are considered as a disease caused by dampness-heat infiltration, while in Western medicine, haemorrhoids are caused by congestion, stasis and swelling of the venous plexus of the rectum or lower end of the anal canal, and its symptoms include bleeding during defecation, pain, anal itching and prolapsed haemorrhoids.   In the face of haemorrhoids, there is no need to panic, usually by keeping the anus clean can be relieved or eliminate the symptoms, only in individual serious cases need to seek medical attention. Xiamen Sineo, a factory specializing in the development, production and manufacture of bidet toilet covers, have uniquely designed a bidet toilet seat that is effective in preventing and relieving haemorrhoids.   This bidet toilet cover is based on the traditional toilet cover installation method as a basis, easy and convenient installation, stylish and simple appearance. The new built-in water circuit function meets the needs of daily gynaecological and buttock washing, and is equipped with a double nozzle self-cleaning function, which greatly enhances the hygienic performance of the product. In addition, the seat heating function is an option which allows people to enjoy a warm and comfortable toilet experience even in cold winter.
  • Sineo wishes all women in the world a happy on International Women's Day (March 8).

    Sineo wishes all women in the world a happy on International Women's Day (March 8).

    Mar 08, 2024
    Today is International Women's Day, also known as March 8 Women's Day, March 8th, Women's Day, Goddess Day, Queen's Day. It is a festival for women all over the world, a festival for women of the world and all countries to strive for peace, equality and development. On this special day, we wish all the women in the world in the days to come: more happiness, less worries; more health, less worries. May we all be treated gently by the world, with light in our eyes and hearts full of love.   Women, is the most beautiful existence in the world. They are the symbol of gentleness, thoughtfulness, strength and wisdom. They take the role of taking care of children, running the house and supporting the family at home. They are full of wisdom and creativity at work, contributing to the development and progress of the world. They have created a brilliant backdrop with their hard work and sweat. Let's honor all women for all they have given to the society and their families.   As a factory specializing in the development and manufacture of bathroom-related products, Sineo has been committed to the research and development of women's care products, and our development of bidet toilet covers, heated seats and portable bidets are highly appreciated by consumers for their beautiful and fashionable appearance and comfortable use experience.   We has been focusing on the innovation and development of new products, and we provide comprehensive and considerate OEM and ODM customized services with our professional knowledge and services in the field. On the occasion of this festival, Sineo has prepared a unique gift for all the female employees, wishing them happiness every day and a happy life.
  • Committed To Manufacturing Healthy Toilet Seat OEM Factory-Sineo

    Committed To Manufacturing Healthy Toilet Seat OEM Factory-Sineo

    Jan 22, 2024
    Lunar New Year is one of the grand festivals of Buddhism. According to Buddhist records, Siddhartha Gautama had been an ascetic for many years before he became a Buddha, and his bones were broken. He realized that asceticism was not the way to liberation, and decided to give up asceticism. At this time, he met a shepherdess who presented him with milk, which he ate, regained his strength, sat under the Bodhi tree to meditate, and on December 8 "became a monk for the Way". The main custom of Laha Festival is to "drink Laha congee" on the eighth day of the twelfth month of the lunar calendar. Legend has it that drinking this congee will bring blessings from the Buddha, so Laha congee is also known as "Fukushou congee", "Fudou congee", and "Buddha congee".   Health is necessary for everyone, and daily toileting is an important measure of our health. At Sineo, we understand that every person is unique, so we have expanded our services to offer customizable OEM products. Our team works closely with you to customize the perfect toilet seat to complement your bathroom décor and lifestyle. Whether you prefer a sleek, streamlined design or a bold, lively statement piece, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.   Our commitment to quality goes beyond aesthetics. Every Sineo toilet seat is rigorously tested to meet the demands of everyday use. Our products are made from top quality materials that are not only durable, but also easy to clean and maintain. Investing in a high-quality toilet seat not only enhances your bathroom, but also provides durability and peace of mind.   Enhance your bathroom experience with Sineo's OEM toilet seat products. Feel the luxury, style and sophistication with every visit. Upgrade your toilet and let our meticulously crafted toilets be the focal point of your bathroom oasis. At Sineo, excellence is the standard and your satisfaction is our top priority.
  • Professional OEM Customization Factory, Economic Handheld Sprayer Helps You Create Excellence!

    Professional OEM Customization Factory, Economic Handheld Sprayer Helps You Create Excellence!

    Jan 15, 2024
    Introducing the Sieno Handheld Sprayer - a perfect blend of innovation and convenience. Immerse yourself in a world of efficient and effortless spraying, all at your fingertips.   Crafted with precision and designed for ultimate simplicity, Sineo handheld sprayer brings a new level of economic value to your everyday tasks. It effortlessly balances functionality and style, offering both affordability and quality that will exceed your expectations. Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, making it effortless to handle for both amateurs and professionals alike. The lightweight construction allows you to maneuver effortlessly, giving you the freedom to tackle any task with ease.   Meanwhile, the handheld sprayer embraces sustainability where eco-friendly features meet exceptional performance. Equipped with advanced technology, it minimizes excessive water usage while achieving maximum coverage. Say goodbye to wasted resources and hello to environmental responsibility.   At the bespoke OEM Customized Design Factory Sineo, we understand the importance of personalization. Tailor your handheld sprayer to your unique preferences, with a range of colors and finishes to choose from. Make a statement and take pride in owning a sprayer that reflects your individuality.
  • Winter Solstice of the 24 Chinese Solar Terms

    Winter Solstice of the 24 Chinese Solar Terms

    Dec 22, 2023
    Today (December 22) is the winter solstice in China, which is an important festival among the twenty-four solar terms and a traditional festival of ancestor worship in Chinese folklore. The winter solstice is one of the four seasons and eight festivals, and is regarded as a big festival in winter. In ancient times, there was a saying that the winter solstice was as big as the New Year. Winter solstice customs vary from region to region, and there are differences in the content or details of the customs. In southern China, there are winter solstice ancestor worship, feasting customs. In northern China, it is customary to eat dumplings on the winter solstice every year.   Although the sun is low and the days are short on the winter solstice, meteorologically, the winter solstice temperature is not the lowest. In fact, it is usually not very cold before the winter solstice because there is still "accumulated heat" on the surface of the earth, and the real cold comes after the winter solstice. Due to the wide range of climates across China, this climatic significance of winter is clearly on the late side for most of the country. The winter solstice, marking the imminent entry into the cold season, the folk began to "count nine" to calculate the cold days (folk proverb: "summer solstice three g into the ambush, the winter solstice in nine).   As temperatures drop and the weather gets colder, the need for a toilet seat with a heated seat becomes even more necessary. Sineo is a factory specializing in the research, development, production and sales of toilet seats, bidet attachment and other bathroom related products. Professional OEM ODM IDM business model", presenting you the most professional and close to perfect customized products.
  • Sineo Toilet Seat Manufactory takes a look at the Chinese festival of snow

    Sineo Toilet Seat Manufactory takes a look at the Chinese festival of snow

    Dec 11, 2023
    Da Xue (大雪), the twenty-first solar term in the Chinese lunar year, is also the third solar term of winter. The arrival of the Daxue festival means that the weather will get colder and always be accompanied by rain or snow.   The ancient book "Collected Explanations of the Seventy-two Waiting Signs of the Moon" records: "The Great Snow is a November festival. The big one is also in full bloom. By this time, the snow is in full bloom."   When it comes to snow, the temperature drops significantly, and the precipitation amount increases greatly, the rain and snow weather comes along with the strong cold air.   Look no further than Sineo manufactory, the leading manufacturer in the industry. With years of professional OEM & ODM experience, we have perfected the art of creating the perfect bidet toilet seat for your needs.   At Sineo manufactory, we pride ourselves on our R&D team, dedicated to creating cutting-edge bathroom solutions. Our commitment to excellence ensures that each product we manufacture is of the highest quality, delivering a luxurious experience every time.   As an ISO9001 enterprise, we adhere to international standards at every step of the manufacturing process. From the selection of premium materials to the rigorous quality control, we guarantee that each Sineo Factory bidet toilet seat is crafted to perfection. Our dedication to excellence has earned us the trust of customers worldwide.   With Sineo manufactory, you can expect not only exceptional products but also unparalleled customer service. Our team of dedicated professionals is always ready to assist you, ensuring a seamless purchasing experience. We value our customers and strive to exceed their expectations every time.
  • Why You Need A Smart Toilet Seat

    Why You Need A Smart Toilet Seat

    Dec 06, 2023
    Intelligent toilet seat originated in the United States, Japan initially introduced and improved, in the 80's launched a brand new product, adding a collection of toilet seat heating, warm water washing, warm air drying, sterilization and other functions. South Korea's toilet revolution held in the 80s, the country invested a lot of money to develop intelligent toilet seat. The utilization rate in Korean households accounts for 20%, and there are more and more groups using smart toilet seat in Japan. Smart toilet seat has the following benefits: 1. Clean life Wash the anus with warm water, the external anal sphincter due to the stimulation of the water column massage and warm water moisturizing, improve venous blood circulation is conducive to health. And can wash the toilet paper can not wipe the dirt between the folds . 2. Prevent bacterial infection More than a thousand folds around the anus reproduces a variety of anal disease bacteria, more than 40% of our people suffer from anal disease, this phenomenon in the popularization of the use of douche in advanced countries is not found at all. Clinical experiments have proved that in Japan, the popularity of the use of smart toilets has increased while the incidence of uterine cancer in women has also decreased. men and women over 40 years of age are susceptible to a variety of sexually transmitted diseases, gynecological diseases are related to unclean living habits. China also has a high incidence of anal diseases, which indicates a lack of awareness of anal hygiene. Rural women have a higher incidence of gynecological diseases than urban women, which shows that cleanliness and hygiene habits and awareness have a close relationship with the incidence of the disease. Warm water douche not only has the function of cleaning the anus but also has the function of women's special douche, which can effectively prevent all kinds of bacterial infections, and the refreshing feeling after using warm water douche is conducive to alleviating the troubles caused by the disease. 3. Pprevent hemorrhoids, constipation As you can imagine, the use of toilet paper can not wipe clean the dirt in the folds around the anus. Daily use of warm water rinse and warm air drying not only stimulate the surrounding capillaries to promote muscle relaxation and blood circulation, so that the prevention of hemorrhoids, constipation, but also get rid of the pain of hemorrhoid surgery. Long time sitting work company staff, professional drivers, long time standing teaching teachers are prone to constipation, hemorrhoids of the crowd. Have the above symptoms can first use warm water and warm air to do cleaning and drying massage, stimulate capillaries to promote blood circulation, so you can easily defecate. Flush not only water temperature, seat temperature, drying temperature adjustable, water pressure also has four adjustable, and can be set to massage the state (water pressure changes in the size of the rinse) and synchronized with the implementation of the front and back of the mobile rinse function. 4. Clean and prevent cancer Women need to maintain a clean body. Before and after the physiological period, leucorrhoea when the odor makes people upset, you can use the douche to clean every time, to solve the problem and prevent various gynecological diseases, and before and after the use of intercourse douche, better prevention of cervical cancer. 5. Care for pregnant women It is very important to clean around the anus and pubic area in pregnancy or after giving birth, so many hospitals have started to use electronic douche in order to help pregnant women's cleanliness and promote blood circulation. Using a douche not only feels refreshing, but also helps with postpartum recovery. 6. Protect the obese, the elderly The body resistance of the elderly is relatively weak, and the intelligent toilet has a key automatic operation function. Warm water cleaning, warm air drying from the seat automatically flushing automatic operation. Powerful function but the body is not inconvenient people do not worry about toilet problems, to maintain a good clean body is conducive to good health. Especially stroke, high blood pressure, obesity patients can solve various problems without other help. 7. Prevent children constipation Children on the cold toilet seat and toilet paper wiping when the hidden pain with a sense of fear, so often appear in time to go to the toilet, can hold back, and over time the formation of children's habitual constipation. The intelligent toilet can completely solve such a problem, so that children are happy to go to the toilet in time.   Sineo is a factory specializing in the research, development, production and sales of toilet seats, bidet attachment and other bathroom related products. Professional OEM ODM IDM business model", presenting you the most professional and close to perfect customized products.
  • Choosing The Right Product Equals Half Success At Amazon!

    Choosing The Right Product Equals Half Success At Amazon!

    Dec 01, 2023
    Amazon.com was founded in Washington State in 1994 and reincorporated in Delaware in 1996. The company seeks to be the customer-centered company on the planet. The company is guided by four principles: customer-centricity, not competitor-centricity; passion for invention; commitment to operational excellence; and long-term thinking. In each of the company's market segments, it serves its primary customer base, which includes consumers, sellers, developers, businesses, and content creators. In addition, the company provides services such as advertising to sellers, vendors, publishers, and authors through programs such as sponsored advertising, display, and video advertising. The company organizes its operations into three segments: North America, International and Amazon Web Services ("AWS"). The company serves consumers through its online and brick-and-mortar stores and focuses on selection, price, and convenience. The company offers programs that enable sellers to grow their businesses, sell products in its stores and fulfill orders. The company serves developers and businesses of all sizes, including startups, government agencies, and academic institutions, through its AWS division, which offers a broad range of global computing, storage, database, and other service offerings.   Xiamen Sineo Tecnology Sanitary Co., Ltd. was established in 2 0 1 5, covering an area of 6,000 square meters, located in Xiamen, China. The location is excellent and the transportation is convenient. We focus on the research, development, production and sales of bidets, toilet seat, sprayers, travel bidets, and related bathroom sanitary products. The company has been adhering to the production philosophy of "environmental protection, energy saving, technology and innovation" and is committed to solving public health problems. With strong technology and R&D strength, Xiamen Sineo has obtained more than 40 patents and has been recognized as "High-Technology Enterprise" by the government. We knowing that the development of the company depends on the innovation and quality of the products. So since its establishment, Xiamen Sineo has been absorbing and learning advanced methods of business and management, From raw materials to product shipment have strict quality control, to ensure that customers receive satisfactory product and has successfully passed the I S O 9 0 0 1 quality management system certification in 2021. The product yield rate is 9 9 . 8 %, which gives guarantee for the company's continuous and stable supply ability.   We are market-oriented, innovation as the core and quality-based to provide our customers with honest, high-quality and efficient services, and we are willing to be your reliable long-term partner. Warmly welcome to visit Sineo!  
  • The Sweetest Christmas Gift - Bidet Toilet Cover from Sineo

    The Sweetest Christmas Gift - Bidet Toilet Cover from Sineo

    Nov 28, 2023
    This Christmas season, let us present you with a creative gift option - the Toilet Bidet Seat Christmas Special Edition! This toilet lid introduces a built-in cleansing function, bringing you a new clean experience. It also features a heated seat, so you can enjoy a warm and cozy cover during the cold winter months. It is lightweight, flexible and easy to maneuver, just press the button, you can freely switch the cleaning mode, and gently turn the knob to adjust the water pressure to meet your personal needs.   This toilet cover is not only a practical bathroom product, but also a meaningful Christmas gift. It is a perfect combination of modern technology and humanized design, making your life more comfortable and convenient. Whether it is for yourself to provide a private clean space, or as a gift to friends and family, will become your unique choice for the Christmas season.   Step into the bathroom, close your eyes, and the luxurious toilet seat warmly greets your body, immediately igniting the winter warmth within you. It works quietly to bring you a clean feeling while discreetly conveying the joys and blessings of Christmas to you.   We know that every customer is unique, which is why our toilet seats are not only comfortable to use, but can also be personalized to suit your preferences. Whether you are a woman seeking a gentle and delicate cleaning mode, or a man who favors high-pressure washing, you can easily achieve this with the simple push of a button.   Sineo is a factory specializing in the research, development, production and sales of toilet covers, bidet attachment and other bathroom related products. Professional OEM ODM IDM business model", presenting you the most professional and close to perfect customized products. OEM, from the professional R & D team. They will analyze your needs in depth and customize the best solution for you with innovative thinking. ODM, the core competence of our business. Working closely with you, we will create a unique and distinctive product for you. IDM, on behalf of our identity pride, ISO9001 national high-tech enterprise certification is a strong proof of our professionalism. We aspire to be the leader in the industry, and are driven by continuous innovation and improvement to provide you with excellent products and services. Credibility is the tenet we always adhere to. With your satisfaction as our goal and excellent quality as our pursuit, we continue to expand and improve our capabilities to wholeheartedly create unique products for you.   With this special Christmas edition toilet seat, you will experience unprecedented cleanliness and comfort. Whether it's a busy working day or a relaxing holiday, you can always enjoy relaxation and pleasure in your private space. This Christmas, bring warmth and surprise into your bathroom, and let the Toilet Seal Christmas Special Edition be your trusted companion for sharing happy moments with your family.
  • Winter Coming and Your Bathroom Needs a Heated Toilet Cover

    Winter Coming and Your Bathroom Needs a Heated Toilet Cover

    Nov 23, 2023
    The 24 Chinese solar terms, Xiao Xue Qi is the twentieth solar term of the year and the second solar term of winter. The arrival of Xiaoxue means that the weather will become colder and the amount of precipitation will gradually increase. According to the ancient book "The Seventy-Two Waiting Periods of the Moon", "Xiao Xue, in the middle of October, the rain falls and is thinned by the cold. The rain falls and is thinned by the cold, so it condenses and turns into snow, and the small one is not yet in full bloom." Snow, cold wave and strong cold air activity frequency becomes high, often appear wide range of windy and cooling weather. At this time your toilet needs a heated toilet seat.   Imagine stepping into your lavatory and being greeted by the soothing warmth of a pre-heated seat. No more dreaded shock of sitting on a cold surface in chilly mornings or freezing winter nights. Indulge in complete relaxation as the gentle warmth envelops you, relieving stress and tension. Designed to perfection, the ergonomic contours of the seat provide optimal support and ensure a luxurious experience every time. Say goodbye to uncomfortable, hard toilet seats and welcome the embrace of soft warmth. With Sineo heated toilet seat, comfort is just a touch away.   Sineo is a company committed to continuous innovation, specializing in the research, development, design, and production of toilet seat covers, bidets, and bathroom-related products. With a professional R&D team, rigorous quality management system, and secure and efficient after-sales service, we provide our customers with professional OEM & ODM customization services.  
  • The Past and Present of the Toilet

    The Past and Present of the Toilet

    Nov 21, 2023
    The history of the development of the toilet is the history of civilization, cleanliness and orderliness of human society.   In glorious ancient Rome, there were already public toilets. The cavities lined up along the walls were the toilets, and underneath were the ditches. Ancient Rome's well-established water recycling system kept water running inside the ditches at all times. Unlike our current notion of valuing privacy, public toilets in ancient Rome were places to socialize, with no partitions, and no distinction between men and women.   The development of the toilet was slow until the 17th century, when an English clergyman named John Harrington designed the world's first flush toilet, which was connected to a cistern and installed in his house. However, the British public did not embrace the invention and preferred to use a chamber pot, and in 1861, Thomas Clapper, a plumber, improved the flush toilet and invented an advanced water-saving flushing system. Since then, human waste discharge only began to enter the modernization period. Afterwards, the British government enacted laws that required every house to have a proper sewage disposal system, and toilets became greatly popularized.   In the 1860s, flush toilets became prevalent in Europe and America and spread to Asian countries. In the United States at that time, the toilet represented an emerging lifestyle. Later with the continuous progress of human civilization and the integration of Western culture, the toilet evolved step by step into the current squat toilet. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people have more problems, they feel that the squatting toilet, although it occupies a small area, but squatting for a long time will be numb legs, and the elderly and physically disabled people will be very inconvenient to use. The invention of the later sitting toilet, and is widely used in some formal clubs and family restrooms. With the people for the enjoyment of life, and invented the intelligent toilet, in the original simple sitting on the basis of the design of automatic flushing toilet, but also added some automatic flushing and heating functions.   To the modern life, with the development of time, the toilet into the intelligent technology, convenient for people's daily life. Smart toilet with advanced smart toilet technology. Toilet seat automatic heating, safe and stable warm seat design, can be freely adjusted according to different preferences, so that you can constantly enjoy a comfortable and gentle bathroom life. Repeated flushing through the larger water pressure, play a massage, blood circulation, laxative effect, to solve the constipation of the crowd's troubles. For female users to set the female cleaning function to give women more safe and considerate toilet care.   Sineo is a company committed to continuous innovation, specializing in the research, development, design, and production of toilet seat covers, bidets, and bathroom-related products. With a professional R&D team, rigorous quality management system, and secure and efficient after-sales service, we provide our customers with professional OEM & ODM customization services.
  • Sineo Portable Bidet- your travel bidet companion for a refreshing experience on the go!

    Sineo Portable Bidet- your travel bidet companion for a refreshing experience on the go!

    Nov 15, 2023
    Enjoy a refreshing experience on the go with your travel toilet companion, the Sineo Portable Bidet! Made of top quality EVA material, this eco-friendly device brings a new level of cleanliness and comfort to your journey. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of searching for a clean bathroom or relying on fragile paper towels. Now, with the travel bidet from Sineo, you can enjoy the luxury of a personalized toilet wherever you go. With its compact and lightweight design, it can easily fit in your bag, ensuring that wherever your adventures take you, cleanliness will not be compromised.   Picture this: you've been hiking outdoors all day. You're sweaty, sticky and craving a quick pick-me-up. Simply pull out the Sineo bidet, fill it with water, and give it a spritz, and the fresh scent instantly refreshes and rejuvenates your body. It's like a mini oasis in your hands, giving you a refreshing experience even in the most unexpected places.   This portable bidet is not only practical and convenient, but also very eco-friendly. Made from EVA material, it's an environmentally conscious choice that reduces your carbon footprint. So while keeping it clean, you're doing your part to protect our beautiful planet.   So whether you're exploring remote beaches, hiking through lush mountains, or embarking on the road trip of a lifetime, don't forget to pack your trusty Sineo travel bidet, the perfect travel companion to help you stay clean, fresh, and ready for your next adventure. Upgrade your travel hygiene game today!
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